Reconstructing World System
Power Projection On The Legitimation of International Order

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Parahyangan National Model United Nations ( PNMUN ) is a simulation of a conference of UN sessions held by the Parahyangan Model United Nations Community under Parahyangan Catholic University that upholds substance, leads in hospitality, promotes quality and consistent innovation in implementation, while maintaining transparency in bureaucracy and development.


Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D

Hendry Samuel Pangaribuan

Championing substance, conduct, and perfection of an MUN by all means necessary, this premiere of Parahyangan National Model UN will project the excelence of diplomatic actions within a competitive environment. Through numerous past MUNs, we have learnt the lessons, and now we are bringing you the undoubtedly high-level MUN, with various thorough councils and topics being carefuly designed to ease the thirst of an MUNer. We have sent our delegates out there, now please give us the chance to welcome you in our home - the city which was born when God smiles - Bandung.

Devina Teguh Adisesha

2019 marks the debut of Parahyangan National Model United Nations, a little something from Parahyangan for the MUN community. We strive to provide a platform of a substantially esteemed, hospitable, and virtuous Model UN conference in the blossoming city of Bandung. Addressing the diverse participants, PNMUN 2019 brought you a wide range of councils and topics to accommodate the appetite for a comprehensive MUN.

Grand Theme


Political (re)constructions are freely interpreted by states, projecting the use of power in contemporary conduct of international affairs and relating it with the historical basis. Manifestation of tools through systemic behaviour to achieve the state’s interest. Existing aspects within political importance are maneuvered to the best interest of them all.

Venue and Date

Date: 14th - 17th November 2019
Place: Papandayan Hotel
Address: Jl. Gatot Subroto No.83, Malabar, Lengkong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40262

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